The Mental Game in Esports: A Conversation with ProfSportPsych

Join us as we welcome special guest @ProfSportPsych, or Prof for short, on our podcast! 🎙️ He's an Esports Mental Performance Consultant and PhD Candidate in Counseling, making waves as a Rocket League coach and consultant for top teams like Pioneers and University of Kansas. In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of the human mind when it comes to eSports and Rocket League.

Prepare to have your perspective shifted as Prof opens our eyes to a multitude of thought processes and new ways of thinking about team dynamics and the mental side of gaming. With his wealth of experience, Prof shares invaluable insights on how teams and organizations can approach their players and optimize their performance through mental training and strategies.

Get ready for a candid and eye-opening conversation as Prof shares his personal experiences and gives us an inside look into one of the most crucial aspects of gaming: the mental game. This interview is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge and understand the power of the mind in gaming.

Don't miss out on this incredible interview with someone who is paving their own way in the Rocket League scene. Tune in now on Spotify or visit our website at for the full episode! 🚀💪

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The Mental Game in Esports: A Conversation with ProfSportPsych
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