Summer Break's Over: RawGreg is Back!

After a refreshing summer break filled with family vacations, we're back with an electrifying episode of The Bucket and Hoosier Show! And let me tell you, Rocket League fans, the gaming landscape has been on fire, especially with the recent Spring LAN event in Boston, which has ignited discussions and debates across the Rocket League community. To kick off our return in grand style, we're thrilled to welcome the esteemed RawGreg, the head coach for Optic Gaming, as our honored guest!

Greg is not only a long-standing and well-spoken member of the Rocket League and RLCS community, but he is also highly respected at the highest levels of the game. His profound knowledge and keen insights make every conversation with him an exhilarating journey, where he effortlessly takes us down wonderful and thought-provoking paths.

In this week's episode, we delve deep into various topics, all while having an absolute blast with Greg. Our conversation meanders through exciting subjects, including the much-discussed Spring Major, the defining line between being a bubble player and a pro, intriguing rumors about RLCS taking a 5-month break, and the buzz surrounding possible franchising in the world of Rocket League.

Greg's appearances on our show are always a highlight, and this time is no different. His unique blend of wisdom and humor will captivate you from start to finish, making this episode an absolute must-listen for every Rocket League fan and gaming enthusiast out there!

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Summer Break's Over: RawGreg is Back!
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