RLCS North America Spring Open Recap

Welcome to The Bucket and Hoosier Show! In this episode, we celebrate Mr. Hoosier's birthday with a short special show where we discuss the recent North America Spring Open Double Elimination Tournament. We take a deep dive into the amazing run by Optic, who secured a top 3 finish in this highly competitive tournament. As we gear up for the upcoming EU Spring Open this weekend, we talk about the teams and players to watch out for, as well as the various storylines that are sure to emerge. We also talk about the possibilities of upcoming guests, and tease some exciting names that are in the works. Throughout the episode, we reflect on the great time we've been having bringing all of the Rocket League, RLCS, and guest interviews to the podcast platform, and express our gratitude for all the support we've received so far. Whether you're a hardcore Rocket League fan, an RLCS enthusiast, or just someone looking for some engaging and entertaining content, The Bucket and Hoosier Show has something for you. So come join us on this exciting journey, as we explore the wonderful world of Rocket League and its vibrant community.

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RLCS North America Spring Open Recap
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